IoT solution for parking spot surveillance



During the project we have developed a prototype for surveillance of 5 parking spots. The nodes of the prototypes consist of an Attiny85 microcontroller which reads a magnetometer and detect the presence of a car. The prototype uses a serial communication protocol, called OneWire, which allows multiple serial-connected slave-nodes to communicate to a single master-unit. This is brilliant since incrementing the number of slave nodes doesn’t mean adding a lot of wiring. The Master-unit then transmit this data to the cloud-computing tool NodeRED which contains our cloud-logic. From here data is stored in a JSON-database and a graphical user interface is created to show the current states of the parking spots.


Data - Are they available for others to use?

The data was stored in a free JSON-structured database called mLAB. Our JSON object for each parking looks as in the picture. The JSON object contains 3 keys: PladsID, Occupancy and timestamp. They respectively show which parking spot, the state of the spot (true equals occupied and false equals available), and the timestamp of the latest update.

Currently the data is not available for others, and due to the very limited amount of quality data we gathered during the project we don’t see a reason to publish it. Other better and free JSON datasets are available elsewhere.


Jakob Blem Koefoed

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