Lights for playground and exercises using your phone

Ballerup Municipality has made a new area in Skovlunde Bypark for playground and exercises, they would like getting interaction between the users and the place in form of light effects – They get installed some LED with RGB  which can change color through an Ethernet to DMX (light control protocol) interface and a mobile phone.  Two light poles are equipped with each 3 LED lamps and 4 Personal infrared sensors (PIR)

The purpose is to let the users set the light from their smart phones or alternative though gamifications where the people get light effects if they use the equipment and ex. 

Problem formulation

  • How can the light through Ethernet to DMX be controlled by the users through a mobile phone linked by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?
  • What application should be developed on your phone?
  • How can users be interested in the light and the settings?
  • What kind of interface is required to sense peoples presents and the use of the equipment?

Students in teams are supposed to get created a prototype of a DMX light controlled via a microcontroller as ex. Raspberry pi or Arduino through a LAN  to DMX interface so part of the questions raised above can be tested. It would also be an opportunity to install a accelerometer to the microcontroller so the light shift color and strength while moving.


Ole Schultz,


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