IPM – Intelligent Pollutant Monitoring

The water quality can only be ensured by continuous high effective measuring

IPM proposes a cost and time saving technique which can simplify water quality measurements. The current method for measuring the water quality can be classified as one of the most costly and labor-intensive processes. In addition, this process can only provide a snapshot of the actual picture. The current measuring method is being outdated and it will not fit to the new set of regulations.

Our Auto, digital wireless measuring technique is able to provide low concentration measurements that have never been introduced to the water monitoring sector. By installing the remote readable sensors, the employees of the customers will be able to quickly and efficiently read the concentration. This will save costs and time for the customer. We are targeting a variety of customers to meet the market demand. Water supply application

The main focus is to install the sensor in the catchment area around drinking wells. This will work as an early warning system and allow the owners of the wells to have real measurements of what is heading into their wells far in advance. By doing so it will be possible to react and avoid losing the wells.

The second application for our sensor is to ensure the best water quality for the customers after the treatment process; these sensors can be installed in the water distribution network and monitor the concentration of the added chemicals. This will inform the water suppliers about the actual concentration of treating chemicals that is reaching the final consumers. By doing so the costs of adding extra treating chemicals will be saved and high water quality will be ensured.

Agricultural application

In addition to saving cost in labor and laboratory testing, the installation of the sensor in the automatized distribution system such as sprinkler irrigation will allow the farmer to control the right amount of fertilizer reaching the plants and saving cost by applying only the required amount.


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