A sit/stand IoT device for offices

The Sentar bot can measure if a person is present at the desk, the height of the elevation desk, the temperature and the humidity of the specific location of the elevation desk. The interface is a simple LED ring that pushes a number of indications to the office worker and guides him/her through the day with regards to the use of his/her elevation desk.

Based on the sensor inputs each employee receives personal indications based the employee’s behavior. As an example if the employee arrives at 9:00 and sits down until 9:50 the Sentar bot will indicate that it is time to take a stand. If the employee stands up by himself at 9:45 the Sentar bot will just recognize this and not indicate that the employee should take a stand. This way it adapts to the employee’s behaviour.

We tested with 50 employees in total for 1,5 month with 2 weeks of baseline and 4 weeks of indication to isolate the difference.

Sentar is a startup and the projects results will be carried on in Sentar’s future work.

Even though the project had some technical issues the Sentar bot made the employees use their elevation desks more and thereby sit less in the 4 weeks period of indication. The project is therefore deemed a success, and Sentar is right now moving forwards to landing the perfect concept and customers with more tests, customer meetings and prototypes.


Lasse Korsholm Poulsen – 4220 2634 – lasse@sentar.io

Mads Rømer Svendsen – 2421 1881 – mads@sentar.io

Christian Breinholt – 6095 6624 – christian@sentar.io

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