Blind spots are a well-known problem in traffic causing both bodily and material damages

By measuring humidity, temperature and filling level in trashcans, it’s possible to optimize waste collection

A cost-effective way to guide drivers to free parking spaces.

In order to supply our rocket systems with oxidiser, we need to supercool pressurised nitrous oxide to a liquid

Sustainable shower made simple by creating a closed loop for circulating and cleaning the water.

A sharing infrastructure consisting of smart lockers connected to an app

Aqubic makes you aware of your water consumption by “listening” on the water pipes

The Sentar bot can measure the time you are sitting and standing and reminds you to stand up

The purpose is to let the users set the light from their smart phones

We have a pilot with 20 wifi tracking devices at DTU Smart Avenue to measure people flows

Allumen tested prototypes for an iconic interactive product using living algae to produce light

With a self-operational backflow blocker, you do not have to worry about your basement getting over flooded

Lack of water is a global issue, but traditional irrigation management systems are costly, which is why students are developing a more affordable solution

Problems with the indoor climate is a big issue in many buildings, a problem which could be removed with IoT and automation

Interactive lantern GLØD